The department of design at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is an in-house design studio. 

We create graphic designs for more than 10 exhibitions a year as well as for the many various departments of Louisiana.

Since our designs are only visible during the individual exhibition periods, we have decided to showcase our work in this portfolio. We hope to be an inspiration to students and designers at other museums who may not have the possibility to visit Louisiana. 
The portfolio will also function as a shared historical memory bank of the visual language created at Louisiana. In this way we aim at communicating a visual language that resonates with Louisiana’s art, architecture and nature.

The Louisiana brand consists of the Louisiana identity complemented by the changing temporary exhibitions. The purpose of the core identity is to reflect the Louisiana spirit in all its diversity. 
We conceive our graphic designs in relation and with respect to the core identity. The prime task of the exhibition designs is to create the best visual experience to accompany the art.

We service our many colleagues within the many departments:
Café, Channel, Children, Club, Exhibitions, Learning, Literature, Live, Marketing/Communications, Music, Publications, Louisiana Research, Shop.

Interested in an internship at Louisiana? Find out more here:

The Design Studio Team

Marie d'Origny Lübecker
Head of the Design Studio

Thomas Joakim Winther
Graphic Designer

Pauline Bendix

Former Graphic Designers
at Louisiana

Graphic Designers

Nina Krogh
Graphic Designer
(Jan 2014 - Apr 2020)

Anne Laustsen
Graphic Designer
(Jan 2017 - Jun 2019)

Signe Marie Ohrt
Graphic Designer
(Jun 2018 - Okt 2018)
(Jun 2014 - Aug 2016)

Patricia Forbert
Graphic Designer
(Nov 2016 - Jul 2018)

Lea  Charbonnier
Freelance Graphic Designer
(Jun - Aug 2015)

Jens Dan Johansen
Graphic Designer
(Nov 2011 - Feb 2014)

Steen Heide
Graphic Designer
(- 2013)


Maria Brandt Pedersen
Design Intern
(Okt 2021 - Mar 2022)

Alma Marie Arevad Gade
Design Intern
(Mar 2021 - Jul 2021)

Viola Damstedt
Design Intern
(Oct 2020 - Mar 2021)

Susanna Jonasson
Design Intern
(Nov 2014 - Feb 2015)

Lilith Louise L. Hasbeck
Design Intern
(Aug - Dec 2013)